Nature's answer to HRT

Many women are reluctant to take HRT, even the newer forms highlighted in yesterday’s Mail, which mimic the body’s own hormones. But are natural remedies an effective alternative?
Today, in the latest part of our series on sailing through the menopause, the experts give their view on which alternative approaches work — and which ones don’t. The conventional view is that herbal pills and other supplements are ‘much less effective at easing the symptoms of the menopause compared to HRT’, as the Royal College of Gynaecologists and Obstetricians has reported. However: ‘The best ones can reduce the severity of symptoms by 50-60 per cent, compared with a reduction of 80-90 per cent with HRT,’ it said. 
And for many women that will be enough. Indeed, some natural remedies can be very effective for menopausal symptoms, says Dr Jane Johnston, a GP and specialist in women’s health at Aberdeen Royal Infirmary.

Source  - Daily Mail

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