Natural extract shows promise for preventing breast cancer

In a new study, the extract from rosehips -- the fruit of the rose plant -- significantly reduced the growth and migration of cells from a type of breast cancer known as triple negative. This particularly aggressive form of cancer does not respond to most available treatments and tends to affect young women as well as those who are African-American or Hispanic.
"Doctors, patients and researchers are looking for alternative treatments for triple negative breast cancer, and people are always looking for ways to prevent cancer," said Patrick Martin, Ph.D., associate professor at North Carolina Agricultural and Technical State University and leader of the study. 
"How awesome would it be to be able to say: Here, take a daily vitamin tablet from the rose plant to possibly help prevent or treat cancer? It's a natural product that we found to be effective, with no known side effects."
Triple negative breast cancer draws its name from the fact that the cancer cells in these tumours lack the three growth factor receptors that are normally targeted during breast cancer treatment. As a result, most existing treatments are ineffective against it, and triple negative breast cancer patients who do go into remission experience higher recurrence and death rates in the first three years compared with other types of breast cancer.

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