How NUTS could be nature's statin

Eating nuts and peanuts reduces the risk of suffering a heart attack or stroke, a new study claims.
Researchers found they were linked with a reduced risk of death from heart disease among people on low incomes. And they believe their findings suggest peanuts may be a cost-effective measure to improve cardiovascular health because they are so cheap. However experts cautioned today that salt-covered nuts would not have the same health benefits.
Nuts are rich in nutrients and peanuts, although classified as legumes, have nutrients similar to tree nuts.
The new study, led by Dr Xiao-Ou Shu, of the Vanderbilt University School of Medicine, Tennessee, analysed various groups of people.  One involved 72,000 low-income black and white men and women living in the US, the other 134,000 men and women living in Shanghai, China. In both groups, men ate more peanuts than women. 
In the US group, about half of the nuts consumed were peanuts, and in the Chinese group only peanut consumption was assessed.

Source  - Daily Mail

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