Controversial sweetener aspartame..... 'does NOT cause harm'

Aspartame, the controversial sweetener linked to a range of health problems, does not cause harm.
A study commissioned by Britain’s food watchdog found eating the sweetener had no impact on the body or behaviour of people who claimed to be sensitive to it. The artificial sweetener, used in fizzy drinks and diet products, has been at the centre of critical reports dating back decades linking it to everything from cancer to premature birth. Despite this, it has been ruled a safe food ingredient by food watchdogs in Britain, the EU, the USA and around the world.
These assurances have failed to convince many people, who continue to report adverse reactions, such as headaches and nausea after consuming foods containing the sweetener.
As a result, the Food Standards Agency (FSA) commissioned experts from Hull York Medical School to examine people who reported just such problems to establish if their fears were backed up by medical evidence.

Source  - Daily Mail

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