Drinking wine or red grape juice ‘can help burn fat’

When people are trying to shed a few pounds, alcohol is often the first treat they cut from their diet. A new study suggests however that wine can help burn fat.
The study, which was conducted by researchers from three American universities, found that drinking wine or red grape juice in moderation was useful in helping obese people manage their health, especially metabolic disorders such as fatty liver. The scientists exposed lab-grown human liver and fat cells to extracts of four natural chemics found in Muscadine grapes, a common variety of dark-red grapes.
The growth of the fat cells significantly slowed down, while the rate at which new cells appeared also decreased. On top of that, the metabolism of fatty acids in liver cells was boosted.The scientists attributed the results to one chemical in particular: ellagic acid, a natural antioxidant which is found in a number of fruits and vegetables.

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