Is detoxing really worth it?

How’s it going then, the January purge? Are you finding Dry January a bit? Veganuary plans wilting fast? Statistics say that this is the week most of us will ditch the detox and pour ourselves a large drink as the January blues really start to take hold. Yeah, we’ll be disappointed in ourselves, too - all our plans to survive on green juice and good intentions out the window. But it’s quite possible that abandoning the detox is the best thing we could do for ourselves.
It is as much of a ritual as sweeping up the pine needles. With January come resolutions and retribution for the gluttony of December. We are bombarded with ads for diets, beseeched to embark on a detox. We know it’s all nonsense - weight-loss firms cashing in on our guilt. Yet we willingly don the sackcloth and sign up for the annual purge.

Source  - Independent

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