Head off skin cancer with a coffee a day

Just a single cup of coffee a day could help ward off skin cancer, said a study.
Four cups daily, however, would be the most protective against malignant melanoma, said researchers.
This is the most deadly form of the cancer, which usually starts in a mole and is triggered by short, sharp bursts of sunlight, such as on holiday.
Scientists from the US government’s health research department tracked 450,000 men and women for a decade. The volunteers had an average age of 63 at the start of the study when all were free of malignant melanoma. By the end, almost 3,000 had been diagnosed with the skin cancer.
Those who drank coffee – 90 per cent of the group – were less likely to have the disease. The more they drank, the lower their odds, reported the Journal of the National Cancer Institute.

Source  - Daily Mail

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