An avocado a day could keep bad cholesterol at bay.

An avocado a day could help improve bad cholesterol levels, claim researchers.
The ‘avocado diet’ also improves other blood fat scores linked to heart disease – even in the overweight. Researchers say a daily helping of avocado can replace unhealthy fats in the diet with a healthier version.
Study leader Penny Kris-Etherton, chair of the American Heart Association’s nutrition committee, said: ‘In the United States avocados are not a mainstream food yet and they can be expensive, especially at certain times of the year. Also, most people do not really know how to incorporate them in their diet except for making guacamole. But guacamole is typically eaten with corn chips, which are high in calories and sodium. Avocados, however, can also be eaten with salads, vegetables, sandwiches, lean protein foods (like chicken or fish) or even whole.’

Source  - Daily Mail

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