'This proves homeopathy DOESN'T work'

Homeopathy has long been slated as witchcraft, due to the lack of proper scientific evidence that it works.
Now, one scientist has taken matters into her own hands to prove the point.
Yvette d’Entremont, a forensic chemist from southern California, filmed herself downing 50 homeopathic sleeping tablets in one go to prove they were nothing but 'sugar pills' with no active ingredients.
Ninety minutes later, she reported feeling no different - and says this proves thousands of people the world over are being misled. 
Her experiment was part of her campaign to  stop national pharmacy retailers in the U.S. selling homeopathic products, which, as she puts it 'have no f***ing medicine' in them. 
Ms d’Entremont, who goes under the alias Science Babe, wrote in a recent blog: '[The theory is] that diluting a substance makes it more powerful. By this line of thinking, the dilutions continue in succession several times. 
'In the homeopathic remedies that are sold over the counter, they dilute the medications to the point where there is no measurable dose of the alleged active ingredient.

Source  - Daily Mail

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