The five biggest physio myths BUSTED

If you thought you had to stretch before and after exercise to prevent injury, then you wouldn't be alone.
But this is just one of a number of common practices that actually don't do anything beneficial for your health. The top five physiotherapy myths have been publicly busted by the world's largest physiotherapy clinical research website, PEDro (Physiotherapy Evidence Database). 
Based at the George Institute for Global Health in Sydney, researchers have studied reports of more than 28,000 guidelines, trials and reviews. And surprisingly what are commonly known as effective practises, are actually misconceptions and have no hard evidence to back them up.
'The most amazing things are so common place,' PEDro manager Anne Moseley told Daily Mail AustraliaAny recommendations are really based on best guesses or marketing rather than hard evidence.  That's the thing with myths, the downside of following a myth is that you're wasting your time and money.'


1. The type of mattress you sleep on prevents back pain
 'We couldn't find any well conducted trials to evaluate this,' said Anne Moseley from PEDro
2. Stretching prevents injury and muscle soreness in recreational runners
 'Stretching before and after a run makes no difference to injuries and muscle soreness'
3. You should wear a neck brace if you have a whiplash neck injury
 'If there is no fracture and just whiplash, research has found that wearing a brace is detrimental'
 4. Ultrasound for the recovery of ankle sprains
5. An incentive spirometer - a device which patients use to help them take deep breaths to prevent complications during upper abdominal surgery or cardiac surgery
'Unnecessary treatments which can cost a considerable amount'
Source  - Daily Mail

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