How a 'plant-based' diet can help women fight breast cancer

Women should eat a plant-based diet to boost their odds of beating breast cancer, experts have said.
The world’s biggest study into surviving the disease has concluded that patients should make fruit, vegetables and wholegrains the focus of their meals. Some meat is fine in moderation, but processed products such as sausages and bacon should be ‘avoided or eaten as little as possible’.
Other foods high in saturated fat, such as dairy, cakes and pastries, and are out but soy, including tofu and soya milk, is recommended. The 550,000 British women who have breast cancer or believe they have recovered from it should also try to stay slim and active, the experts said. 
However, the World Cancer Research Fund stopped short of giving detailed advice. It says that while breast cancer prevention is well studied, the science of surviving it is much newer, and more research is ‘urgently’ needed.

Source  - Daily Mail

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