Anger as charity promotes 'quack' Vitamin C cancer therapy

A charity endorsed by celebrities including Jerry Hall and Jerome Flynn was last night accused of promoting a Vitamin C therapy which falsely claims to ‘kill cancer’.
Doctors listed on the Yes To Life (YTL) website charge patients – many of whom are dying – up to £3,000 to administer high doses of intravenous Vitamin C, despite it being clinically unproven against any form of cancer. Yet a description on the website makes it sound like a virtual panacea, suggesting it can be used against all kinds of conditions.
Medical experts last night described the claims as ‘quackery’ and called for the Charity Commission to investigate.  One has already reported YTL to the Advertising Standards Authority.
Until last week, YTL’s website carried a glowing endorsement from actress Maureen Lipman, but when it was drawn to her attention by The Mail on Sunday she said she had no memory of the words ascribed to her.
‘I looked at their website and I got the idea they were saying, “This cures cancer”,’ she said, ‘so I asked them to remove it, which they did.’
Last night, leading cancer consultant Agamemnon Epenetos described the YTL claims as ‘inaccurate’ and ‘false’. He said: ‘There is no evidence at all. Major studies have been done and have shown that there is no evidence that it works in cancer.’

Source  - Daily Mail

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