The vitamins you CAN mix with medication

We are often warned that supplements can be dangerous when mixed with medication. But now research is starting to show that the right combinations can be helpful in fighting illness.
Co-enzyme Q10, or CoQ10, for example, is now often recommended by doctors to patients on statins. 
Statins help to lower cholesterol and protect against heart attacks, but they can also cause muscle pain. CoQ10 seems to reduce this side effect, says GP Mike Dixon, chairman of the College of Medicine. 
‘I don’t suggest Q10 straight away, but if the patient is getting side effects I do suggest it before changing the statin,’ he says.
Q10 has also been found to help some breast cancer patients taking Herceptin. Here experts reveal the other supplements that may complement common medications. But remember, if you’re considering starting any supplement, always talk to your doctor first.

Source  - Daily Mail

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