Taking up ballet in old age may help ward off dementia

Every week you'll find Nan McDonald limbering up at the barre in a studio at the Scottish Ballet. Last year she danced in Hansel And Gretel and recently worked on Romeo And Juliet.  What might surprise you is that Nan will be 70 this summer. 
She is a regular at the Scottish Ballet's Regenerate classes - a project teaching ballet to the over-50s, which has been hugely popular. As well as classes, participants rehearse workshop performances in tandem with shows put on by professional dancers. 
Nan, who lives in Glasgow, has been dancing with Regenerate for more than ten years.
'I'd done ballet as a girl, but nothing serious,' she says. 'Keeping fit is very important to me. I liked the thought of being able to do ballet properly - and I love the music. Ballet gives you such a fantastic stretch-out. It's improved my flexibility and co-ordination.' Regenerate is one of a number of projects nationwide promoting ballet and dance as a secret weapon for health and vitality in old age.

Source  - Daily Mail

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