Could Buddhism help treat ARTHRITIS?

Worrying about arthritis and other chronic illnesses will make them worse - because much of the pain is in the mind, scientists claim.
A new study claimed positive thinking - such as Buddhist meditation techniques - will be a major step forward in helping sufferers. Encouraging patients not to brood about conditions would be better than blocking symptoms out with painkillers - which is expensive and may do more harm than good, the scientists say.
A pioneering study into the ‘pain matrix’ has revealed those subjected to bursts of heat from a laser tended to feel the burn more if they were expecting it.
The University of Manchester findings funded by Arthritis Research UK have shown for the first time that the abnormalities in the way the brain experiences pain may be to blame for the long-term misery suffered by osteoarthritis patients. And the study shows that counselling may be more effective than painkillers in helping sufferers live with their illness, particularly since they depend on pain to tell them when they are putting too much stress or pressure on their joints.

Source  - Daily Mail

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