Carrots can reduce the risk of prostate cancer.

They're best known for supposedly helping us to see in the dark.
But carrots could also be a much more powerful force for good health, at least for men, new research shows.
Scientists have found that regularly eating the brightly-coloured vegetables appears to reduce the risk of prostate cancer by almost a fifth.

Men who included carrots as part of their regular diet, eating them at least three times a week, were 18 per cent less likely to develop a prostate tumour, according to findings published in the latest European Journal of Nutrition.
The study, by scientists at Zhejiang University in China, pulled together the results of ten smaller studies from different parts of the world looking at the anti-cancer effects of carrots.
This type of research, called a meta-analysis, is performed when findings from lots of studies with small numbers of patients produce conflicting findings.
Some research has suggested carrots do protect the prostate against disease, others have found little or no benefit.

Source  - Daily Mail

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