Alternative 'tapping' therapy

Lily Allen is reported to use it to help control her eating habits and Dutch pole vaulter Rens Blom credited his Gold medal at the 2005 World Championship to it.
Now, experts are calling on the NHS to start using a new self-help technique, called tapping, after its effectiveness in treating a number of conditions was proved. The technique, which involves tapping acupressure points on the head and hands, is showing promise as an effective form of therapy for anxiety, depression and anger. It is also known as the emotional freedom technique (EFT).
Researchers at Staffordshire University are leading research into the effectiveness of EFT in the UK.
Professor Tony Stewart, who led a trial of the treatment in the Birmingham area, said: ‘EFT is a new and emerging therapy that can be used to treat a wide variety of conditions. Patients gently tap with their fingertips on acupressure points, mainly on the head and hands, and relate this to the voicing of specific statements. A growing number of studies suggest EFT is an effective and safe treatment, and with the predicted sharp increase in the demand for mental health services – and a corresponding decrease in NHS resources - we feel that the use of EFT should now be extended.’

Source  - Daily Mail

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