Exercise 'better than drugs for stroke and heart disease patients'

Exercise could be better than drugs to combat life-threatening illnesses, a study reveals.
The large-scale investigation found doctors had a better chance of preventing death in patients recovering from a heart attack or stroke by prescribing light fitness instead of pills.
It is the first time scientists have compared the benefits of exercise with heart medication such as statins and beta blockers.

Examining data on 340,000 patients who had been diagnosed with heart disease, chronic heart failure, a stroke or diabetes, the findings published in the British Medical Journal have been touted as revolutionary.

Researchers analysed previous studies and found no marked change between the outcome of exercise and drugs for people who have diabetes or heart disease. For stroke victims, the research swung overwhelmingly in favour of exercise, showing it was far more likely to prevent death than drugs.

The study leader Huseyin Naci, of LSE Health and Harvard Medical School, said more people are consuming prescription drugs but far fewer are exercising.

Source  - Daily Mail

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