Why pomegranate is good for you

With its sweetness tempered by a pleasantly bitter, slightly tannic astringency, in my book, no drink is more restorative than fresh pomegranate juice. Extracting that precious garnet juice from the jewel-like seeds of this orb-shaped fruit can be fiddly, so don't wear white, but it rewards you with a concentrated flavour that sweetened, watered down, pasteurised pomegranate "juice drinks" can never rival. And of course, sparkling pomegranate seeds bring flashes of vivid colour and a crunchy texture that brightens up everything from grain-based dishes through to salads.
The small, pink cosmetically pretty pomegranates with smooth, shiny skins usually have relatively insipid, pale juice. For ripeness and copious amounts of deeper-coloured juice, choose larger, maturer fruits with darker, drier, more matt skin that is beginning to sink in slightly at the sides.

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