How meditation can 'melt away' tension

Nothing creates more stress than when you feel trapped by illness. Negative thoughts and worries leave you burnt-out and create tension in the body, aggravating illnesses and injuries. 
Stress dampens the immune system and  shuts down the body's self-repair mechanisms. Yet while it's impossible to prevent stress arising, mindfulness can teach you how to deal with it.  After practice, you realise that stress (like pain) is a 'message' that melts away once it's 'delivered' or felt with full mindful awareness. When this occurs, happiness and peace fill the void.

Such contentment  boosts the immune system, restarts repair mechanisms and improves quality of life.
This week's meditation is the Tension Release, the final of three exercises taken from my book Mindfulness For Health:  A Practical Guide To Relieving Pain, Reducing Stress And Restoring Wellbeing (Piatkus).

Source  - Daily Mail

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