The healing power of your own mind.

Living with chronic pain can be intolerable. 
You feel desperate to do something, anything, to stop the pain but whatever you try seems to fail. And much as you try to distract yourself, one thought dominates: it hurts. 
Being in pain is not only physical but also a mental battle against the painful sensations, wishing them away and trying to endure them.  But doctors now think that struggling like this actually makes your suffering worse. In fact, the latest medical advances show that accepting and exploring sensations of pain and illness can bring more powerful relief than the most commonly prescribed painkillers.
This approach constitutes a new treatment based on the ancient practice of 'mindfulness' meditation, which clinical trials show can reduce chronic pain by 57 per cent. Accomplished meditators can reduce their pain by more than 90 per cent. 
One high-profile practitioner is actress Goldie Hawn. She has said that through mindfulness, 'we can move our set point of happiness'. She set up a programme called MindUp under her Goldie Hawn Foundation to help children deal with stress and emotions and reduce their anxiety. This forms the basis of her book 10 Mindful Minutes, which teaches techniques such as mindful breathing and thinking.

Source  - Daily Mail

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