Time to slap on the BROCCOLI?

Before heading out in the sun, most people apply a bit of sunscreen to their exposed skin. 
However, a new study suggests that broccoli could be just as effective. When rubbed directly into the skin, broccoli could also reduce the chance of a person developing skin cancer, the researchers believe.
Sally Dickinson, research assistant professor in the Pharmacology Department of the University of Arizona Cancer Centre, has teamed up with researchers from John Hopkins University in Baltimore for the pilot study.
Dr Dickinson said: ‘We're searching for better methods to prevent skin cancer in formats that are affordable and manageable for public use.’
According to the team, the green vegetable contains a compound called sulforaphane which could help prevent skin cancer. Sulforaphane is not only highly effective at inhibiting cancer-causing pathways - such as the AP-1 protein - it also triggers chemoprotective genes. These genes protect healthy tissue from the toxic effects of the chemotherapy drugs that are used to combat cancerous growths.
Dr Dickinson said: ‘Sulforaphane may be an excellent candidate for use in the prevention of skin cancer caused by exposure to ultraviolet rays.

Source  - Daily Mail

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