Fluoride in tap water - does it raise dementia risk?

Adding fluoride to tap water leaves fewer children needing fillings, according to NHS figures out yesterday.
The statistics revealed that England’s ten million children required 3.5million fillings last year. And many of the areas with the lowest rates of fillings are the ones that have added the powerful enamel-protecting chemical to their tap water. Nevertheless, critics of the mass fluoridisation scheme insist that there is evidence it could be putting youngsters at risk of dementia in later life.
Youngsters in Scunthorpe, Lincolnshire – where supplies have been treated since 1968 – had fewer cavities than children in any other region. And the three medicated areas of Newcastle, Gateshead and North Tyneside had 32 per cent fewer fillings than neighbouring South Tyneside, which has chosen not to add fluoride to its water supplies. 
Last night campaigners claimed the data should persuade more areas to sign up to the scheme.  However some experts are worried about the measure, concerned that it will have unforeseen consequences for the nation’s health. Opponents claim the substance often leaves teeth mottled and could even accelerate the onset of dementia.
Last night Philippe Grandjean, professor of environmental health at Harvard University, said: ‘The possible effects on degenerative brain diseases are uncertain.

Source  - Daily Mail

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