Copper bracelets 'do not improve RA symptoms'

Wearing copper or magnetic bracelets does not appear to have a therapeutic effect on rheumatoid arthritis (RA), a study has discovered.

A team at the University of York looked at 70 patients with active symptoms and gave them four different devices to wear over a five-month period, some of which were copper or magnetic and others that were neither (placebos). 
Participants reported their pain, disability and medication use and also provided blood samples so that changes in inflammation could be monitored.

It was found that the magnetic and copper bracelets provided no more meaningful therapeutic effects on pain and swelling than the placebo devices.

Lead author Dr Stewart Richmond said in the journal PLOS ONE: 'People who suffer with RA may be better off saving their money or spending it on other complementary interventions, such as dietary fish oils, for example.'

Source  - netdoctor

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