A glass a day keeps the doctor away

A few glasses of wine each week could ward off depression, according to a new study. 
Spanish scientists have found that drinking moderate amounts of alcohol, particularly wine, can be linked with a lower risk of depression. Those who consumed two to seven small glasses of wine weekly were 32 per cent less likely to suffer from depression compared with people who never drank alcohol.
The study looked at 5,505 men and women aged 55 to 80 in Spain, who were involved in a research trial evaluating the effects of the Mediterranean diet on heart disease risk.  None of them had depression at the start of the study and all were light-to-moderate.
During a follow-up period of up to seven years, 443 people reported that they were diagnosed with depression. Researchers said that light to moderate drinkers, who drank 5 to 15 grams of alcohol daily on average, had a lower risk of depression compared with people who didn't.

Source  - Daily Mail

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