Milk – no good for bones, bad for cancer

For years I’ve been saying that dairy products are not an essential food, nor part of our evolutionary design. Now, top US nutrition experts are challenging the ‘official’ guidelines about dairy products in diet recommendations and highlighting cancer risks.
Dairy products are listed in both UK and US recommendations as one of the top four food groups that make up a ‘well-balanced diet’. Children are encouraged to consume three daily servings of low-fat milk in the US on the basis that it has less calories than full-fat milk. Milk is also recommended because it has a high protein and calcium content.
However, in this month’s Journal of the American Medical Association (Pediatrics) two top nutrition experts, Professors David Ludwig and Walter Willets, question this advice. They point out that research shows either no difference in weight gain, or greater weight gain, in children who opt for low-fat versus full-fat milk.
They also say ‘humans have no nutritional requirement for animal milk, an evolutionarily recent addition to diet.’ They also point out that ‘throughout the world, bone fracture rates tend to be lower in countries that do not consume milk compared to those that do. Moreover, milk consumption does not protect against fracture in adults, according to a recent  meta-analysis.’

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