Eating well boosts chances of fatherhood

Men may be able to protect their fertility from the effects of ageing by simple tweaks to their diet.
Those with a diet rich in fruit, vegetables, fish and nuts showed fewer signs of damage to the DNA of their sperm in a study than those who avoided these foods. Nutrients in these foods could  be the key, said scientists in California.
Previous research has shown that the older a man is, the more chance he has of DNA fragmentation and chromosomal rearrangements in his sperm.  These can lead to a higher chance of being infertile or having children with a disability. But a diet rich in Vitamins C  and E, zinc and folate could protect the DNA – especially for those above the age of 40. 
Professor Simon Fishel, managing director of CARE Fertility Group and one of the world’s leading fertility specialists, said that men who are struggling to father a baby should not underestimate the impact that diet could have. 
‘Diet can have good and bad effects,’ he said. ‘Compounds called free radicals can have a damaging effect on cells, and they can concentrate  in the testes.'

Source  - Daily Mail

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