Could singing stop snoring?

A simple set of daily vocal exercises can strengthen the weak throat and palate muscles which are a major cause of snoring, experts believe.
The discovery was made after a singing teacher devised a way to help a friend stop snoring. Alise Ojay designed a programme of singing exercises which targeted the throat and stopped both chronic snoring and sleep apnoea, which causes people to stop breathing during deep sleep.
Her finding prompted a major study at Exeter University and the Royal Devon and Exeter NHS Foundation Trust. It saw 30 snorers try the exercises for a few minutes every day for three months. By the end of the trial, their snoring had significantly improved compared to 30 others who didn't try the treatment.
Malcolm Hilton, a consultant otolaryngologist who led the research, said: 'Alise told me that a number of people had benefitted from the singing exercise programme she had devised to strengthen the throat muscles. I then set up this trial and the results have been really interesting. The conclusion that we came to was that the three month programme of daily singing exercises reduced the frequency and severity of snoring, and improved overall quality of sleep.’

Source  - Daily Mail

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