Virtual reality software now used to train brain surgeons

A new surgery simulation tool has been created that allows brain surgeons to develop their skills without having to risk the life of a real patient.
The Montreal Neurological Institute at McGill University, in Canada, is using the NeuroTouch Cranio, which is believed to be one of the most advanced brain surgery tools in the world. The device allows doctors to work out how to carry out complex procedures without the need to involve a patient.

Live Science reports that the technology allows doctors to feel sensations similar to those felt during real brain surgery while they hold the surgical tools. The device also includes a screen which shows a high-definition simulation of a brain tumour and the effect that the tools and surgery are having on the tumour and the surrounding brain.  Dr Hamed Azarnoush told Live Science: ‘Our main goal is to improve the resident training. Previously, they were receiving that directly from the operating room.’

Source  - Daily Mail

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