Is your bra making you ill?

Health experts are warning about the the serious health problems that can be triggered by wearing an ill-fitting bra.
They say that seemingly unrelated conditions including skin rashes, tendonitis and even indigestion can be caused by poorly fitting undergarments, especially if you have large breasts.  It is thought that four in five women wear an ill-fitting bra because they tend to underestimate the width of their back, while overestimating their cup size.
Lorna Mills, a chiropractor practising in Oldham, said: ‘Women come into my clinic on a regular basis showing rounded shoulders, curves in the back, indigestion due to the diaphragm and lungs being restricted, marks from straps and underwires, dents in the shoulders: all the signs of an ill-fitting bra.'
She says that one of the biggest problems is that women are regularly fitted with bras that are far too big in the cup. 'This then means the straps are too big so they are continually tightened, which then pulls the shoulders and neck down, curving the spine and creating tension and discomfort.  The underwire can creep up because of straps that are too tight and pressure builds around the stomach and lower oesophagus. Tissues that end up being pushed and pulled in unnatural directions.'

Source  - Daily Mail

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