Forget the Mediterranean diet

For years, the Mediterranean diet with plenty of olive oil and vegetables has been lauded as the key to health and longevity.
But it seems that a Scandinavian nation's cuisine could actually be better for you.  Scientists have found that eating a diet based on that served up traditionally in Denmark could significantly reduce your risk of heart disease. Nordic cuisine is usually made up of fresh berries, fish and game - foods that thrive in colder northern climates.
Professor Matti Uusitupa, from the University of Eastern Finland,told The Daily Telegraph: 'The Mediterranean diet, representing the diet traditionally eaten in southern Europe, has long been related to improved health and prevention of cardiovascular disease, certain cancers and type two diabetes. Acceptance of the Mediterranean diet has not been easy in other parts of the western world, probably due to difficulties in changing dietary patterns, cultural differences in taste and limited accessibility to various foods. A health-enhancing regional Nordic diet has therefore been proposed as an alternative to the Mediterranean diet.'

Source  - Daily Mail

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