Fewer than six hours of sleep a night and waking too early 'increases heart disease in women'

Sleeping badly could make heart disease worse in women, according to a study.
Research into 700 people over five years in the US has found fewer than six hours of sleep a night, and in particular waking too early, has a 'significant' role in raising unhealthy levels of inflammation amongst women with coronary heart disease.  The relationship between poor sleep and higher levels of inflammation was not observed in men in the study.
The findings of the research, published online in the Journal of Psychiatric Research, could provide evidence of how poor sleep contributes to the progression of heart disease in women, according to the authors.
'Inflammation is a well-known predictor of cardiovascular health,' said lead author Dr Aric Prather, a clinical health psychologist and assistant professor of psychiatry at University of California, San Francisco.
'Now we have evidence that poor sleep appears to play a bigger role than we had previously thought in driving long-term increases in inflammation levels and may contribute to the negative consequences often associated with poor sleep.'

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