Healthiest children are those who eat the same as their parents

If you're ever tempted to give in  to your children’s demands for chicken nuggets and chips for tea, bear this in mind.
Children who eat the same food as their parents rather than being indulged with 'kids' meals' are far more likely to have healthy diets, research has found. In fact, eating adult meals is the most important factor in determining whether a child's diet will be healthy - far more so than whether they snack between meals, skip dinner, or insist on eating in the living room in front of the television.
'Offering separate "children's food" for a main meal may often result in children missing out nutritionally, for example if vegetables are omitted,' said Valeria Skafida, a research fellow at the University of Edinburgh's Centre for Research for Families and Relationships'It is likely that in cases where children eat different foods, they are eating a less nutritious option.'

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