Eating nuts and spinach could reduce the symptoms of fatty liver disease caused by obesity

Eating leafy greens, sunflower oils, nuts and spinach could alleviate the symptoms of liver disease, according to new research.
Scientists believe that eating foods which are high in vitamin E could reduce the symptoms of liver disease which has been brought on by obesity.
Dr Danny Manor, an associate professor at Case Western Reserve University School of Medicine in Ohio, U.S., said: ‘The implications of our findings could have a direct impact on the lives of millions of people who are at potential risk for developing obesity-related liver disease in their lifetimes.’
Dr Manor and his team studied a group of mice that were in the advanced stage of non-alcoholic steatohepatitis.  Known as NASH for short, this is a common complication of obesity characterised by fat accumulation and inflammation in the liver.  It is most common in people who are obese, have type 2 diabetes, have high blood pressure or high cholesterol.
It is the most severe form of non-alcoholic fatty liver disease and is a major cause of tissue scarring, known as cirrhosis, which leads to liver failure and may progress to liver cancer.

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