The humble root which fights cancer, boosts endurance and lowers blood pressure

With its sweet, earthy taste and ruby-red interior, beetroot is a favourite of foodies, but there’s far more to it than that.  We explain how the secret weapon of sports stars increases fitness and can help stave off cancer...
The majority of beetroot’s benefits stem from the unusually high levels of nitrates it contains – gram for gram it possesses about 20 times more than most other vegetables. Nitrates have suffered a bad reputation because of their use as a food additive.
Animal experiments had linked their commercial use to  cancer and in the Sixties the World Health Organisation set upper limits on their use. However, recent studies have shown that nitrates in beetroot lower blood pressure.
A 2010 study carried out by Queen Mary’s University in London found that drinking just one 250ml glass of beetroot juice a day dramatically lowered blood pressure for several hours.  It also found that the higher the blood pressure, the greater the drop observed.
A new study carried out by the Baker Heart and Diabetes Institute in Melbourne, Australia, found that a 500ml glass of the juice led to a significant drop in blood pressure  after six hours. If beetroot juice was consumed widely, researchers say we could see a ten per cent reduction in death from cardiovascular disease.
Nitrates lower blood pressure because bacteria in the mouth and gut convert it into the gas nitric oxide, which relaxes and widens the blood vessels, allowing blood to circulate more freely.

Source  - Daily Mail 


  1. Had no idea beetroot was so high in nitrates. Thanks for making this clear, and the benefits. J