Why you're far better off with a stiff G&T than homeopathy

Picture the scene. You go into a pub and order a gin and tonic, but just as you are about to take a first gulp the barman snatches it away. ‘We don’t want to give you that!’ he cries. 
He puts a single drop of the G&T into a fresh glass and pours in more tonic.  ‘But we don’t even want to give you that!’
Another bottle of Schweppes is added to a droplet of the new drink. Many dilutions later, he eventually presents you with your, by now, almost entirely alcohol-free snifter — and charges twice the usual price, on the grounds that it’s far more powerful than a ‘conventional’ gin and tonic. 
Would you hurl it in his face or glug it down gratefully? Probably the latter, if you’re Prince Charles.
For this is what he and other fans of homeopathic remedies believe in: the ‘law of infinitesimals’, which holds, ludicrously, that the more you dilute a substance the more potent it becomes. And, thanks to the Prince’s lobbying of ministers, homeopathy is now available on the NHS, at a cost to the taxpayer of about £4 million a year. 

Source  - Daily Mail 

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