How vitamin pills 'can raise risk of cataracts'

Taking vitamin pills in high doses can significantly increase the risk of cataracts, a study has shown.
Scientists found consuming large amounts of vitamin C made individuals 20 per cent more likely to develop the condition – which is a leading cause of blindness. And regularly popping high-dose vitamin E tablets increased the chance of cataracts  forming by 60 per cent.
The dangers are even greater for the elderly, with those over 65 nearly doubling their chances of damaging their vision if they took the supplements every day.
Researchers from the Karolinska Institute in Stockholm monitored 31,000 volunteers aged between 45 and 79. Nearly 3,000 of them went on to need treatment for their eyes. The Swedish team discovered a strong link between those that developed cataracts and those who took high doses of vitamin C and E.
Eating a healthy vitamin-rich diet did not increase a patient’s chance of getting the condition. It was originally thought the two vitamins would protect against cataracts because they are powerful antioxidants.
It was supposed that they would fight the process of oxidation, which destroys cells in much the same way as rust rots a car. However, it is now believed that, in large quantities, vitamin C may actually cause oxidation by upsetting  the natural balance of proteins in the eye.

Source  - Daily Mail

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