Keep calm and live a bit longer

No question about it, I am cross. I know this isn’t in the spirit of the goodwill-filled New Year, but there it is. For five minutes, I have been sitting in the drizzle on a park bench next to a girl eating a foul-smelling hamburger and shouting into her mobile about the “Chrissie” presents she got.
No sooner has she gone than a young man sits down and starts a noisy conversation on his phone about how he’s “going to get so wasted” tonight. What with the snowballing list of jobs to be done in 2013 and the flatness I’m feeling now Christmas is over, I am in a rage.
“Now hold on a minute,” says a soothing voice from the next bench. I look up to see a figure with twinkling eyes and a long, Gandalf-like mane of white hair. Is it a spirit, come to thaw out my cold, hard heart? No, it’s Mike Fisher, 55, originally from South Africa, and my anger management consultant for the day.
He’s written books on the subject, given numerous lectures, and, as founder of the British Association of Anger Management, conducts group and one-to-one counselling sessions.

Source  - Telegraph


  1. Living longer doesn't really matter to me. I want a life that is more full of joy and less full of pain, and has a meaning.

  2. But I think keeping calm will also let you appreciate your joy more and feel less pain too.