Eating a fatty diet could reduce a man's sperm count by 40%

Eating a diet rich in saturated fats doesn't just increase the risk of heart disease - it can also lower sperm count in men, a study says.
Danish researchers found men who ate the most saturated fat had significantly lower sperm counts and poorer quality sperm than those who consumed the least.  It comes amid concern that both the quantity and quality of sperm appears to be declining in Western countries, with some studies showing average sperm counts have fallen by more than half over the past 60 years. Estimates suggest around 30 per cent of men in couples seeking IVF treatment are what is called sub-fertile and 2 per cent are ‘totally’ infertile.
For the new study, a team from Rigshospitalet in Copenhagen surveyed and examined 701 young Danish men who were about 20 years old and getting checkups for the military between 2008 and 2010.
Significantly, the participants were not seeking fertility treatments, unlike previous studies looking at diet and fertility.
They were asked about the food they ate over the prior three months, and then asked for a semen sample.

Source  - Daily Mail

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