Could herbal medicines REALLY be as good as for menopausal women as HRT?

Herbal and complementary medicines are a viable alternative to hormone replacement therapy for postmenopausal women who fear the possible side effects, according to new research.
Soy for instance, the most common plant containing oestrogen, can reduce hot flushes by more than half, says a scientist who carried out a review into previous studies. Red clover, a legume also containing the female hormone, and black cohosh, a plant originating in the US and Canada, also ease symptoms.
Women's primary care specialist Dr Iris Tong, of Brown University, Rhode Island, who led the review, said: 'Up to 75 per cent of women use herbal and complimentary medicines to treat their postmenopausal symptoms.
'Therefore, it is vitally important for healthcare providers to be aware of and informed about the non-pharmacological therapies available for women who are experiencing postmenopausal symptoms and who are looking for an alternative to HRT.'

Source  - Daily Mail

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