Call it 'quackery', but my alkaline diet did help me survive breast cancer

I may never know why I developed breast cancer. Just like a slot machine when all the same fruits are lined in a row, I believe that the disease takes hold when there is a line-up of lifestyle and genetic factors. But which applied to me?
None of the women in my family has ever had breast cancer. In his early middle age, my father had intestinal cancer, which was removed – and he lived into his 80s.
As I was over 50, an invitation to have a mammogram arrived but, in the business of life, was ignored. Certainly, my family and friends were surprised that the disease struck me because I have long been an advocate of healthy food.
Due to intensive farming, soil provides 50 times less minerals than it did after the Second World War, so I try to avoid produce fed with chemical fertilisers, or sprayed with pesticides. Food farming is in the grip of corporate giants, which control its production, processing, wholesale and retail industries.
My documentary, Pig Business, which has aired numerous times since 2009, exposes the true cost of cheap meat from factory pig farming. The animals are crammed into crates in unhealthy, overcrowded sheds, and shot full of  antibiotics to keep them alive.

Source  - Daily Mail 

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