Drinking coffee halves the risk of mouth cancer

Drinking four cups of coffee a day almost halves the risk of deadly mouth cancer, according to new research.
The latest study shows downing the beverage every day has a powerful protective effect against tumours that form in the mouth and throat. The association held true regardless of how often the person drank alcohol or smoked. Scientists found decaffeinated coffee also reduced the risk, although to a lesser extent, while drinking tea did nothing to prevent the disease.
The latest findings, by a team of researchers from the American Cancer Society in Atlanta, Georgia, suggest it may not be caffeine that protects against the formation of malignant growths in and around the mouth.
Instead, they said, it's likely to be due to some of the hundreds of other naturally-occurring antioxidant chemicals found in coffee. The results back up a similar study published two years ago by a different team of researchers, who found four cups a day slashed cancer risk by 39 per cent.

Source  - Daily Mail

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