It's certainly a new branch of medicine!

A grandmother claims to have healed herself of a painful bowel condition by eating tree bark. 
Marlene Barnes, 72, started chewing chippings after 48 years with the bowel condition Crohn’s disease.
The inflammatory bowel condition, which affects 60,000 Britons, causes symptoms including pain, diarrhoea, vomiting, weight loss and fatigue. Now, a decade on, her doctor has confirmed she no longer has an active trace of the illness in her system. 
Ms Barnes was diagnosed with Crohn’s when she was just 14. 'I’d tried everything to stop it but nothing worked,' said the mother-of-two who had part of her colon removed when she was younger.
The inflammation caused by Chron's destroys the tissue of the bowel so badly that surgeons must cut out sections of the intestine. She told The Sun: 'Then I read of bark’s medicinal properties and felt it was worth a go.'
She began cutting bark off trees in a park, then dried and ground it up at home. 
She said: 'I ate hazel bark first and it felt like a dozen ferrets fighting in my stomach. I thought I’d die, but I began to feel better than I’d done in ages.  I then tried lots of trees to work out which were the real miracle cures.'

Source  - Daily Mail

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