Women's hearts 'get twice the benefit from fish oil than men's

Eating oily fish may boost women’s heart health more than men’s, claim researchers.
The oils - found in fish like salmon, mackerel and tuna - are known to improve chances of surviving a repeat heart attack. But a new study suggests women could benefit more from their effect on the heart.
Researchers at the University of Reading found fish oils have a direct impact on the muscle cells that control the elasticity of our blood vessels. In tests, women got double the benefit compared with men as elasticity improved four-fold in women compared with two-fold in men.
In fact the beneficial effect of the fish oil in women was as potent as that of drugs that are prescribed to people with poor blood vessel elasticity, such as those with diabetes. At least 39,000 women a year in the UK suffer heart attacks and their chances of dying are higher than a man’s.

Source  - Daily Mail

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