Breathe easy to combat anxiety

More than 870,000 Britons suffer from anxiety, a condition that triggers unnecessary feelings of uneasiness  and worry.
Increasingly, mindfulness – a psychological therapy with roots in Buddhist meditation – is being used by the NHS to help alleviate the symptoms.
Here, in the final extract from his book The Mindful Manifesto,Dr Jonty Heversedge explains how it can help.
  • Before directing your mind towards the anxiety you are experiencing, focus on your breathing – the sensation of air slowly flowing into your nostrils, streaming down the back of your throat and into your lungs. Feel the beating of your heart and imagine how it pumps oxygenated blood around your body. Continue until you’re ready to meditate.
  • Now, shift your attention to your anxious thoughts. What thoughts are present in your mind right now? Are there many moving quickly or does each one remain for a while? Consider the thoughts objectively rather than reacting to them emotionally.  
  •  Source:  Daily Mail

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