A spiritual approach to health

Spirituality is the key to staying healthy. Are you envisaging a group of crystal-gazing New Age revellers? Well, don’t: spirituality embraces all religions and none, and has everything to do with how you approach life, stay fit and keep well.
Stress, inner anger and frustration trigger illness. Expectation is usually the key to disappointment. If you have your heart set on a new house and it goes to someone else or your job interview is a disaster - what happens? You feel angry or unhappy. You may drown your sorrows in a bottle of wine but unhappiness gnaws away at you inside.
Imagine instead that you have no expectation; that you accept there is a reason for everything you experience in life. Every moment becomes an opportunity. My niece had her heart set on buying a little house with a tiny garden for her and her two boys. The sale fell through three times and she was desperately disappointed. But that was someone else’s house. Soon afterwards, she found a small flat that opened onto a huge communal garden-- a fabulous and safe space for her sons to play in. If you don’t receive the job offer you thought you wanted, think about what you learnt from the experience, and who you met along the way.

Source  - Telegraph

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  1. I've put this up because the advise is actually good. But I wish she had credited the origin of this particular practise. Buddhism.