Hidden perils of acupuncture

Hundreds of NHS patients undergoing acupuncture have suffered complications including dizziness, collapsed lungs and even needles being left in their bodies, researchers warn.
They said the complementary therapy – which involves the skin being punctured with needles – is not as safe as previously thought and in some cases can lead to  life-threatening health problems. Their study found there were 325 reports of patients coming to harm after having acupuncture on the Health Service in just two years.
These included 100 cases of needles being left inside the body, 63 where patients lost consciousness and a  further 99 which saw people feeling dizzy or faint.
Another five patients suffered collapsed lungs – known as a pneumothorax – after the needle accidentally  penetrated their chests. The condition can be fatal if victims are not treated immediately, normally by having a tube inserted into their chest to re-inflate the lung.

Source  - Daily Mail 

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