Yoga can reduce depression in pregnant women

Yoga can reduce depression in pregnant women as well as boost maternal bonding, say researchers.
It is the first study to provide evidence that mindfulness yoga may offer effective treatment for depressed mothers-to-be. Pregnancy hormones are known to cause mood swings, however one in five expectant mothers experience major depression.  Now, new research from the University of Michigan shows that the age-old recommended stress-buster could relieve their symptoms.
Mothers-to-be at high risk of mental health problems found significant relief from depressive symptoms after taking part in a 10-week programme. They also reported stronger attachment to their babies in the womb.
Lead author Maria Muzik said: 'We hear about pregnant women trying yoga to reduce stress but there’s no data on how effective this method is. Our work provides promising first evidence that mindfulness yoga may be an effective alternative to pharmaceutical treatment for pregnant women showing signs of depression. This promotes both mother and baby wellbeing.'

Source  - Daily Mail

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