Just two years on Mediterranean diet in mid-life could protect your bones in old age

Swapping to a Mediterranean diet rich in olive oil could help protect your bones in later life, claim researchers.
Just two years of eating like the Spanish and Italians who use olive oil rather than less healthy fats may preserve or even build bone in older people, says a new study.
The Mediterranean diet is regarded as the classic eating habits of populations from countries in southern Europe, even though fewer inhabitants follow it today.
It has been thought to improve heart health and stave off cancer because it is high in fruit, vegetables, fish, nuts, whole grains and 'healthy' fats such as those in olive oil, while low in red meat and dairy products.
But a new study shows further benefits to bones as people eating more olive oil had higher levels of the hormone osteocalcin in their blood – a marker linked to better bone strength.  Previous studies have shown that Mediterranean countries have lower rates of osteoporosis compared with northern European nations, which could be due to different dietary factors.

Source  - Daily Mail

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