Egg allergies 'treated with egg'

Omelettes, meringues and pasta could one-day be back on the menu for some people with egg allergies after they are treated with the very food they are allergic to, say US researchers.
The only option for patients is to completely avoid foods containing egg. A study on 55 children showed some were able to eat egg after minuscule amounts were gradually added to their diets. However, the treatment is still experimental and doctors say it should not be tried at home.
Egg allergies are one of the most common allergies and are thought to affect up to 2.5% of children.
Gradually introducing the food which causes an allergic reaction has been successful in other foods such as peanuts.
Parents were given powdered egg to mix into their children's food, building up to about a third of an egg

Source BBC

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  1. Sounds a little like the principles underlying homeopathy!